Bay Area Family Photographer :: The Chaudhry Family

Happy 4th of July and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMREEKA!!

A great day to spend time with family and friends, eat BBQ, get in water gun and water balloon fights, and watch fireworks from on top of our parents’ car.

When Reh asked me to photograph her family, I was honored because I love the Chaudhry’s. She also said something that stuck with me, that she has “enjoyed seeing me grow as an artist over the last couple of years.”

Its a humbling feeling to know that you are growing in whatever it is that you do. You haven’t peaked and are still learning. A lot.

So the first photo in the set is Reh’s daughter with a family friend at my buddy Omar’s wedding in Sept 2010. Then, their family session two and a half years later.

Check out the set, and then go outdoors!