Shelly & Eddie | Wedding | San Ramon, CA

Have you ever eaten pesto chicken with kabuli palao (Afghan rice)?

Well I have :). And it was ahhhmaaazinggggg.

Please welcome back Shelly and Eddie! If you are just joining us, we shot their engagement session back in May. Their adventure to matrimony continued at The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon and was a beautiful harmony between American and Afghan culture. Love this couple’s energy, grace, and craftiness! They brought out a birthday cake for one of the groomsmen! Wow. So nice. Shelly and Eddie I wish you glad tidings.

Big thanks to Chuney for helping second shoot with me. Some of the images below were taken by him.

One last thing. This wedding was very interesting to photograph. Why? Go through the set and you’ll see



And here’s one for mom



…so… why was this wedding interesting to photograph? Here’s the answer:



Yup. That’s a filming crew. And for the TLC TV show “Four Weddings”. Hope you two win!


Update: here is the episode: “Four Weddings…and a Giraffe” that aired on January 10th, 2013.